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Tap Into the Wisdom of Your Heart


Now that you are building your heart muscle energy, you can more easily tap into your heart frequency all day, even when specific stressful or confusing issues and concerns arise. Sometimes, though, in a challenging moment, you need an extra boost to remind yourself quickly that you have a choice about how you want to feel and how you can respond.

You can reset your energy and tune up again very quickly by following just the first two steps of your “heart recipe” outlined in our last post (click here to review these in more detail):

Briefly, step one is to begin heart-focused breathing and step two is to call forth a positive heart feeling of love, care, or appreciation for someone or something in your life as you continue relaxed heart breathing. NOW, simply listen within and allow your heart to share with you. You will notice a shift in perspective and often get an intuitive heart message to relieve the stress.

heart-presentFor example, let’s take a possible holiday stressor:  let’s say you need a few last-minute Christmas gifts and you are feeling that last minute time crunch. As soon as you begin to feel this stress, immediately pause a moment and bring your attention to your heart area and begin to breathe a few relaxed breaths from your heart. Call forth a positive feeling. Feel the shift in your energy and then listen to your heart’s guidance. It could be something like, “don’t worry — all that needs doing will get done”, or you could become aware of what the best gift might be, what store to go to, or perhaps you will simply be led to write a special loving letter to the person, or perhaps no gift is necessary.  Whatever your heart tells you, trust it and go with it. Your heart is always leading you to wise decisions and choices.

This simple recipe can help you with any holiday stresses, be they around traveling, difficult family dynamics, last minute preparations, less than desirable attitudes — virtually anything that surfaces.

Here’s another example:  let’s say you are at a family gathering and someone says something to you that really triggers your buttons. You could feel yourself “losing it” or you could remember you have a choice in that moment to pause and breathe from your heart and allow a heart response to occur. It could be you are led to just let it go. It could be that you have a heartfelt, authentic communication to share with that person. It could be you begin to feel compassion for that person. The wisdom of your heart is infinite, so listen to it and trust.

Another great way to make use of these first two steps is when you are very busy running around from one activity/event to another. I suggest you pause a moment in between activities to breathe and get more heart-centered. Then notice how your energy feels smoothed out and how you are now more fully present for the activity at hand. It only takes a minute or two to do this! Well worth these short pauses to enhance the quality of your life!

Even when there is no specific issue at hand, remembering to practice the first two steps of this heart recipe several times a day can support you in staying centered in your heart and can help you more easily and quickly return to this positive feeling state which is so beneficial to all aspects of your being.

So enjoy! Have fun and be open to a sense of abundant expectancy in seeing what your heart comes up with in any given moment — it might surprise you!

To Your Brilliant Heart,

Lorraine at www.theheartbasedlife.com

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